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The subjects of "Absence" are shadows, records that never leave us. They are reflections of our unconscious and labile human existence. In each object, in each sensation, we feel a presence that from the far ether is watching us and it’s leaving us in an unconscious melancholy in which we enjoy ourselves. 
"Absence" is a reflection on life, time and abandonment. The graceful creatures depicted in Alessia Cocca’s shots don't have a place. They live in our unconscious, they keep us from being free, they load us with the weight of existence, they lull us in a rarefied moment of nostalgia. These creatures are individuals who live with us in our existence, vague and shaded. They are stuck in the eternity of time.
They are creatures, absences of our life that we don’t want to let go. They give us a pale laconic dream in which we can find shelter 
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