The subjects of "Absence" are shadows, remembers that never leave us. They are reflections of our unconscious and labile human existence. In each object we feel a presence of something which is watching us.  This presence leaves us in an unconscious melancholy in which we enjoy ourselves. “Perhaps we are equally made of what has been and what could have been” said javier Marías in speech for the Rómulo Gallegos Award ceremony.


"Absence" is a reflection about life, time and abandonment. The graceful creatures depicted in Alessia Cocca’s shots don't have a place where to stay. They live in our unconscious, keeping us away from being free. They load us with the weight of existence and lull us in a rarefied moment of nostalgia.

These fleeting creatures are individuals who live along with us in our existence, vague and shaded. They are stuck in the eternity of time. They are absence of our life that we don’t want to let it go. They give us a pale dream where we can find a shelter. We never feel lonely, because someone is watching our reality from a mirror. 

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